[KS] liquidating my past Mac HWP files

jrpking at interchange.ubc.ca jrpking at interchange.ubc.ca
Wed Sep 11 06:13:46 EDT 2002

Dear list members: 

I apologize for posting a completely unrelated query in the middle of this useful discussion of kwake chengsan. 

But if there is anybody from the list here in Seoul where I am for the next 10 months who has any experience with the Mac version of HWP/'Arae hangul 96' [no longer available or supported...], I am desperate for some assistance as I try to liquidate my Mac past and past Mac HWP files and start a new life on the much superior [at least as far as Korean is concerned] PC. If any such kind Seoul-based soul (and Korean Studies person similarly foolish enough to have committed to the Mac years ago despite its miserable Korean Language Kit) lurks on this list, do please contact me at jrpking at interchange.ubc.ca. 


Ross King
Associate Professor of Korean, University of British Columbia
Dean, Korean Language Village, Concordia Language Villages

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