[KS] New Korea Foundation Grant Program

Robert Provine provine at umd.edu
Thu Sep 19 09:58:10 EDT 2002

The following message is posted on behalf of Suh Ah-jeong at the Korea
Foundation.  Please direct any enquiries to KF rather than to me!

Rob Provine


The Korea Foundation is pleased to announce the launch of its new grant
program designed to support the development of audio-visual, multimedia, and
web-based materials which can be used for Korean studies instruction at all
levels (K-12/undergraduate). 
Teachers, professors and specialists with experience in developing
instructional/ educational materials in the field of Korean studies are
encouraged to apply.

Grant support can be expended for personal remuneration as well as
project-related expenses. However, production and distribution costs are
excluded, since the materials developed under this program are expected to be
produced and distributed by commercial producers. 

*Priority projects
 - Multimedia cultural content related to Korean language education 
 - Foreign language subtitles for recognized Korean audio-visual materials
(feature films, documentaries, etc.) which are available to enhance
understanding of Korea at educational institutions (materials dealing with
specific aspects of Korean culture, not general introductory information, are
 - Multimedia materials for the field of Korean studies at all levels 

Please visit our website (www.kf.or.kr) for further details (KF
programs/publications/support for Instructional Materials Development) and
information on application procedures.

For inquiries, please contact: Fellowship Program Team
     TEL: (+82-2) 3463-5614 / FAX: (+82-2) 3463-6075
     E-mail : scholar at kf.or.kr

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