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Mon Jan 13 05:51:15 EST 2003

Dear Listmembers,

--- David Mason wrote:
> We know that the Pyongyang authorities have strongly
> revived the symbol of Tan-gun as national founder, 
> and regard Paektu-san and Myohyang-san as "holy"
> places.  Have any of you North-Korea watchers ever
> seen them using the Paektu-daegan concept...?

As far as available material shows, geomantic theory has been mentioned in 
several NK publications at least since 2000. Initially, these ideas have been 
presented as opinions of "Koreans living abroad". Besides Paektusan, 
Man'gyeongdae and Mountain Keumsusan (the place of the Great leader's 
mausoleum) are discussed as auspicious geomantic places.

Sonja Haeussler
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