[KS] Anti-Americanism

David McCann dmccann at fas.harvard.edu
Thu Jan 30 19:30:24 EST 2003

Hm.  Interesting.  The "It's not you, it's your government" reply.  On a
one-week journey to the DPRK a few years ago, after an evening watching TV
in my room, seeing programs that were filled with extremely emotional and
elaborately rhetorical denunciations by aged grandmothers and others of the
US for the War and other meddling on the peninsula, at lunch the next day I
asked one of the driver/guides what he thought when he saw me sitting there
across the table from him.  I explained what I had seen on TV the night
before. "Do you see me as an enemy?" I asked.   He answered as above,
adding that between people, it was just that: "saram kwa saram;" person to
person, human being to human being.

David McCann

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