[KS] Shin Sang-Ok?

John Gorenfeld goren at OCF.Berkeley.EDU
Thu Jan 30 17:20:32 EST 2003

Dear Korean Studies mailing list,		

For a magazine article I'm writing, I'm trying to find out more about
the kidnapping and captivity of South Korean filmmaker Shin Sang-Ok and
others by Kim Jong-Il in 1978.

As I do not speak Korean, I am having some difficulty finding details on
the episode (i.e. reading Shin's memoirs). I've found broad overviews,
but not narratives of what happened.

I was wondering whether someone here was familiar with this chapter in
history, could tell me more about it, or point me towards some expert
(if not Shin himself.)

Any help would be much appreciated.


John Gorenfeld <goren at ocf.berkeley.edu>

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