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Tue Jul 29 19:58:19 EDT 2003

First Call for Papers

Interface of translation studies and language sciences: the case of Korean

The Korean translation program at the university of Bonn 
(<http://www.korea.uni-bonn.de/>http://www.korea.uni-bonn.de/ ), 
Germany is pleased to announce an international translation studies 
conference on Korean to be held in Bonn. The conference takes place 
on January 16-17 (Friday and Saturday), 2004 at the Gustav Stresemann 
Institut (<http://www.gsi-bonn.de/>http://www.gsi-bonn.de) near the 
school. This conference is made possible with the generous support 
from the Korea Foundation.

The conference aims to put together the theory-oriented research 
outcomes in the general translation studies and the linguistic issues 
stemming from Korean language. We welcome various comparative 
perspectives covering European languages. The conference languages 
will be German and English.

The following speakers have accepted our invitation to the conference:

Bruce Fulton (University of British Columbia, Canada)

Hannes Kniffka (University of Bonn, Germany)

Yong Kun Ko (Seoul National University, Korea)

Christiana Nord (Magdeburg-Stendal University of Applied Sciences, Germany)

Jae Jung Song (University of Otago, New Zealand)

The individual topics that we would like to solicit papers on 
include, but are not limited to, the following areas:

-comparisons of texual organizations in Korean, English, German and French

-text-linguistic issues in translations (coherence, cohesion, textual function)

-information structures in comparison (cognitive and pragmatic analyses)

-functional translation

-literary translation

-cultural translation

-translation and applied linguistics

-translating vs. interpreting competence (text difficulty and 
translation accuracy)

-contrastive grammar on translational principle

-computer-aided and linguistic corpus-based translation, machine translation

-lexicography in translation

-text typology, typology of translation and genres

-history of translation

-strategic processes and methodology in the translating and interpreting

-criticism of translation

The individual paper for general sessions will be allotted  30 
minutes, i.e. 25 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for 
discussion. The abstract for each paper should not be over two pages 
(1000 words) and should not contain the name(s) of the individual 

The abstract for each paper should not be longer than two pages (1000 
words) and should not include any identifying personal information. 
E-mail submission (word-files up to Word 2000 accepted) is 
preferable. The anonymous abstract should also be accompanied by a 
separate page (or a card in the case of paper submissions) containing 
the following information:

(a) Title of the paper
(b) Name of the author(s)
(c) Affiliation of the author(s)
(d) Address to which notification of acceptance (or rejection) should 
be mailed.
(e) Contact phone number of an author
(f) e-mail addresses of the author(s)

Send your submissions by e-mail to 
<mailto:sseong at uni-bonn.de>sseong at uni-bonn.de or by post to:

Dr. Sang Hwan Seong
“Korean conference”
University of Bonn
Seminar fuer Orientalische Sprachen
Nassestrasse 2
D-53113  Bonn, Germany

All submissions must reach our office by September 15th, 2003, and 
will be reviewed by the program committee and the local organizers.
Notification of acceptance will be emailed by the end of September 
2003. Those who have received the notification of acceptance should 
then submit their full papers by the end of December 2003 for the 
conference handbook.

September 15th 2003: deadline for abstracts
September 30th 2003: notification of acceptance
December 2003: submission of full papers
January 16 - 17, 2004: conference

Papers presented at the conference will be published by a European 
publisher after a process of refereeing.

Organizing Committee

Prof. Dr. Josef Kreiner

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Kubin

Dr. Albrecht Huwe
Dr. Sang Hwan Seong

PS.: Dr. Sang Hwan Seong 
(<mailto:sseong at uni-bonn.de>sseong at uni-bonn.de) is the sole contact 
person regarding inquiries for the conference.

Frank Hoffmann
http://KoreaWeb.ws  *  Fax: (415) 727-4792
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