[KS] Survey on Korean Electronic Database Workshop

Hyokyoung Yi hkyi at u.washington.edu
Thu Jun 12 12:26:33 EDT 2003

Dear Koreanists,


The Committee on Korean Materials of the Council on East Asian Libraries
needs your help.  We would like to know if Korean studies scholars would
be interested in learning about Korean databases which are becoming
increasingly available in full texts, directly accessible from your
desktop in the comfort of your home or office. 


We will appreciate your participation in the following SHORT survey.
The findings will help us to determine our future program.   If your
responses indicate enough need or interest, we (Korean studies
librarians in North America) would like to provide a hands-on workshop
in the near future (possibly in conjunction with AAS Conference 2004 or


Workshop participants would learn the following:


*	What free or commercial databases are available in their fields
of interest (full-text and bibliographic) 
*	How to access them 
*	Searching techniques in respective databases 
*	Free or economical document delivery options 
*	Techniques for handling Hangul in various environments 
*	Where to get help when facing problems. 


We will appreciate your taking a few minutes to answer the following 5


1.	Would you be interested in attending such a workshop?   Yes___


2.	If Yes, would the AAS Conference be a convenient time for you? 


Yes___ (Preferred year:  2004 San Diego___  2005 Chicago____)



3.	If Yes, please indicate your preference by priority   


____Pre-Conference (Tuesday during the conference week-Wednesday is not

____During the conference (Thursday-Saturday)

____Sunday during the conference week

____Post-Conference (Monday the following week)


4.	If the AAS conference is not a good time for you, please suggest
preferred times and venues.  


5.	Any comments? 



Thank you for participating in the questionnaire.  Please, do not reply
to this message, but send your responses directly to
hkyi at u.washinton.edu.  If you have any questions, please feel free to
contact any of the committee members.


The Committee on Korean Materials, Council on East Asian Libraries


Hyokyoung Yi, Chair, hkyi at u.washington.edu

Kyungmi Chun, kyungmic at hawaii.edu 

Mikyung Kang, mkang at library.ucla.edu  <mailto:joykim at usc.edu>  

Joy Kim, joykim at usc.edu <mailto:sunyoonl at usc.edu>  

Sun-Yoon K. Lee,  sunyoonl at usc.edu

Lucia Park,  lupark at interchange.ubc.ca
<mailto:lupark at interchange.ubc.ca>  

Choong Nam Yoon, cnyoon at fas.harvard.edu


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