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RE: Koreanists-Korean Scholars and Students Online Database 

Dear List:

The Korea Foundation has developed an online DB, "Koreanists" (http://www.koreanists.net) where you can view the data of Korean Studies scholars, specialists, and students.  

This English language site was created to help expand the Korean Studies network and facilitate interaction between Korea-related specialists.  It currently lists more than 2,000 Koreanists, who are searchable by name, country, specialization, and institution.  

Although this is just a start and the site still has many aspects in need of improvement, we hope it will encourage and assist Koreanists all around the world to connect with each other.  

 We hope you will find the "Koreanists" database useful and become a frequent visitor to the site.  At the same time, if you know of any Korean Studies scholars who should be included in the database, please let us know about them and/or introduce the site to them.  Also, if you identify any data that needs to be updated, please inform us so we can contact and encourage specific people to update their profiles.  

We would also appreciate it if you could link the "Koreanists" site to any relevant sites that you are affiliated with. 

Suh, Ah-Jeong, Direcotr, Fellowship Program

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