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This is what I have:

<1st Week>
Monday (6/16)   Overview of Korean Traditional Music 
Lee Byung Won
Tuesday (6/17)   Regional Folksongs/P'ungmul: regional style and 
social function   Nathan Hesselink
Wednesday (6/18) Kakok, Kasa, 
Sijo                                         Lee Byung Won
                Shaman Ritual Music 
Lee Yong Sik
Thursday (6/19)  Sanjo and Sinawi/ Buddist Music 
Lee Byung Won
Friday (6/20)    Discussion 
Moderator: Nathan Hesselink
Saturday (6/21)  Field Trip
---Practice Korean Traditional Music & Dance (Danso, Samulnori, 
Dance, Gayageum) ---
<2nd Week>
Monday (6/23)  Transmission of Korean Traditional Music in North 
Korea    Noh Dong-eun
Tuesday (6/24)  P'ansori and 
Ch'angguk                                      Park Chen-eung 
Wednesday(6/25) Instrumental music of the royal court: 
Pungnyu                   So Inhwa
Thursday (6/26)  Discussion 
Moderator:Park Chen-eung
Friday (6/27)    Field Trip
---Practice Korean Traditional Music & Dance (Danso, Samulnori, 
Dance, Gayageum) ---
<3rd Week>
Monday (6/30)  Court music and aesthetics 
Hwang Joon Youn
Tuesday (7/1)   Court dance and aesthetics 
Choi Hye rye
Wednesday (7/2) National musical institutions on Korean history 
Yoon Mi Young
             Discussion with senior musicians from NCKTPA  Sung 
Kyunglin & Kim Choen heung 
Thursday (7/3)  History of Korean traditional music 
Nam sang Sook
Friday (7/4)     Discussion                              Moderator: 
Andrew Sutton
---Practice Korean Traditional Music & Dance---
<4th Week>       
Monday (7/7)    Korean music theory/Korean traditional musical instruments
Kim Young Un/Shin Dae Chol
Tuesday (7/8)    Korean music in Asian context 
Kwon O Sung
                Korean music in World context 
Keith Howard
Wednesday (7/9)  New Korean music in contemporary society (lecture 
    Hwang Byung Ki/ Won Il
Thursday (7/10)  Discussion 
Moderator: Keith Howard  
Friday (7/11)    Tour of Korean Traditional Music Museum/Participant 
evaluation of workshop
---Practice Korean Traditional Music & Dance---


>Is anyone on this list attending the The Korea Foundation' s Korea 
>traditional music workshop at the Kuknip Kukak-won? I am trying to 
>get into the program (I found out about it at the last minute and am 
>waiting to see if a seat opens up), but i am also trying to set up 
>my work schedule around it. The problem is that they still haven't 
>sent me a schedule and there is no wed page. If anyone has the 
>schedule handy could they mail it to me? I would be extremely 
>Best wishes,
>kevin parks
>Kevin.P.Parks.Adv97    at     Alum.Dartmouth.ORG
>kevin at macosx.com

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