[KS] [Q] North Korea

Eunjeong Ma em223 at cornell.edu
Wed Nov 26 10:07:49 EST 2003

Dear list-members,

Could anyone help me with this?

I've been trying to locate sources regarding medical/pharmaceutical
policies/practices in North Korea, but to no avail--I've found a few books
published in NK, which did not seem to be available here in the United
States. I searched through several university libraries, but I couldn't
find them although they appeared on the database of the "Bibliography of
Asian Studies."

So my question would be: how and where can I get access to materials on
the issues on medicine/pharmaceuticals in NK? If you have any idea, even
weak one, could you help me with this? Many thanks.

ps. You can email me:em223 at cornell.edu (in English) or temp2st at hanmail.net
(in Korean)

EunJeong Ma

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