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Mon Apr 19 07:04:19 EDT 2004

Dear List colleagues,                               19 April, 2004 

I just came across - belatedly; it's been up since February - a newish 
website on North Korea, which looks very useful. This is NKZone, run by Rebecca 
Mackinnon, formerly of CNN. It's at: http://nkzone.typepad.com/

This admirably complements existing English-language resources for following 
events and issues regarding the DPRK - such as PyongyangSquare, Nautilus, and 
CanKor - which I imagine are known already to most List members who follow 
North Korea.

Besides sending you (if you sign up) daily updates and alerts - today they 
had photos of Kim Jong-il's limo in Beijing, already - NKZone has a wealth of 
links to other sites; some of which, again, were new to me (perhaps I'm the last 
to know). These include:

"   An occasional diary of expatriate life in Pyongyang, by a German-Dutch 

"   Video feeds of DPRK television news, from a Japanese site, www.elufa.net

"   A long list - albeit far from complete: their name is legion - of new and 
recent books on North Korea, with links to Amazon;

"   Assorted "bloggers": all opinionated, some interesting. NKZone classes 
itself too as a blog, and so encourages feedback and debate, commendably.

Among much else on this splendid site, could I also draw attention to an 
interview with Hazel Smith. On the basis of extensive field visits over the past 
decade, Professor Smith propounds an original and (in my view) cogent account 
of the radical social changes affecting daily life in the DPRK since the 
mid-1990s famine, and their impications. See:

Amid endless chasing our tails over the nuclear issue, I think we tend to 
ignore this vital level of grassroots analysis. More sociology, less IR! But of 
course I'm biased.

Best wishes to one and all,

Aidan FC

 Honorary Senior Research Fellow in Sociology & Modern Korea, Leeds 
17 Birklands Road, Shipley, West Yorkshire, BD18 3BY, UK 
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