[KS] re: Chousenshi Kenkyuukai presentations

Kenneth R. Robinson robinson at icu.ac.jp
Wed Apr 21 11:23:59 EDT 2004

Dear Colleagues,

At the AAS conference in San Diego, California, several people spoke to me 
about attending a monthly meeting of the Chousenshi Kenkyukai in Tokyo. 
Attendance is, of course, welcomed.  So too is accompanying everyone to 
dinner and beverages afterward.  Some also inquired about the possibility 
of presenting their research while expressing concern about speaking in 

In the past, scholars have delivered Korean-language presentations on 
Korean history at the Chousenshi Kenkyuukai's monthly meetings in Tokyo. 
The Kenkyuukai thus welcomes research presentations in Korean by scholars 
whose Japanese-language skills (or whose confidence in their speaking 
skills) may not support a detailed presentation of approximately 50 minutes 
followed by questions.

Should you be interested in presenting your research at a monthly meeting, 
please contact Ken Robinson.  Please note, however, that the schedule is 
set from three to five months in advance.  The meetings are held on the 
third Saturday of the month, though a different Saturday may be 
necessitated by such circumstances as entrance examinations.  The annual 
conference is held in October.

At the presentation, a detailed outline (or "rejume" in Japanese) of the 
presentation is required for distribution to those in attendance.  As all 
persons attending the presentation may not be fluent in spoken Korean, it 
is requested that the outline be in Japanese.  Sentences are not necessary; 
phrases are acceptable.  Typically, the outline also includes reproductions 
(such as photocopies or typed text from one's personal databases, with 
citations) of the important sources quoted in the presentation and a 
bibliography of relevant research.

We look forward to seeing more listserve participants at the monthly meetings.

Ken Robinson

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