[KS] An old book about Korea

dieter.eikemeier at uni-tuebingen.de dieter.eikemeier at uni-tuebingen.de
Mon Aug 2 09:44:11 EDT 2004

Anthony wrote:
> I am grateful for the various replies. I am fairly sure that the book was
> published early in the 20th century and looking at the Library of Congress
> catalogue, I wonder if it was not 'Village Life in Korea' by J. Robert
> Moose,' published in Nashville in 1911.
> Does anyone have access to a copy?
> (I have done the usual Google and seen the little extract on marriage at
> the University of Canterbury)
> Brother Anthony

Dear Brother Anthony,
     if the book you are after really is the one by Moose, from 1911,
and if in the meantime you haven't got hold of it either at Ehwa Women's
University or elsewhere, I may have a film be made from the 124
microfiches, as which the book is available here. Incidentally, Osgood's
book, too, is among our holdings, but it is likely also to be found at
places closer to you than Tuebingen. Let me know if you are interested
in having a copy of the Moose microfiches.
Dieter Eikemeier

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