[KS] Korean language transliteration system

Bill McCloy wbmccloy at u.washington.edu
Wed Dec 1 11:20:11 EST 2004

Dear Mr. Kim:

The Library of Congress, the Harvard-Yenching Library, and all (?) other
libraries in North America still use the McCune-Reischauer system for Korean
romanization.  The ALA-LC romanization tables (including that for Korean)
are available at:  http://www.loc.gov/catdir/cpso/roman.html.  Hope this
answers part of your question.

Bill McCloy 

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> I would like to find out what is the dominant transliteration system in
the U.S.  Is the
> Korean government transliteration system in wide use in the U.S., or is it
not used at all?
> What is the transliteration system as far as cataloguing is concerned?
What is the
> transliteration system as far as teaching Korean in Korean language
classes are concerned?
> Does anyone know which Korean transliteration system the Library of
Congress uses, and
> which Korean transliteration system Harvard Yenching library uses?
> Jaenam Kim

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