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Dear Jaenam Kim,
The following website by Dr. Intaek Han may be of help.  http://www.mccune-reischauer.org/  The website mostly consists of information on the McCune Reishauer system, however it also discusses how the Library of Congress and American Library system have developed additional rules to cover what M-R does not.  
I hope this is helpful.
Tracy Stober
International Relations-Korea Studies
Graduate Student
University of Washington, Seattle

Jaenam1004 at aol.com wrote:
I would like to find out what is the dominant transliteration system in the U.S. Is the Korean government transliteration system in wide use in the U.S., or is it not used at all? What is the transliteration system as far as cataloguing is concerned? What is the transliteration system as far as teaching Korean in Korean language classes are concerned? Does anyone know which Korean transliteration system the Library of Congress uses, and which Korean transliteration system Harvard Yenching library uses? Thanks.

Jaenam Kim

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