[KS] Korean language transliteration system

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Wed Dec 1 15:53:46 EST 2004

All libraries in North America, including the Library of Congress and Harvard, use the McCune-Reischauer system.  

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From: Jaenam1004 at aol.com
Date: Wednesday, December 1, 2004 6:08 am
Subject: [KS] Korean language transliteration system

> I would like to find out what is the dominant transliteration 
> system in the U.S.  Is the Korean government transliteration 
> system in wide use in the U.S., or is it not used at all?  What is 
> the transliteration system as far as cataloguing is concerned?  
> What is the transliteration system as far as teaching Korean in 
> Korean language classes are concerned?  Does anyone know which 
> Korean transliteration system the Library of Congress uses, and 
> which Korean transliteration system Harvard Yenching library uses? 
> Thanks.
> Jaenam Kim

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