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Dear List members, 
from next year, a new journal entirely devoted to North Korean studies will be published by McFarland. This might be highly relevant to the research interests of many of the list members. 
The Institute for North Korea of the University of Detroit Mercy in Detroit, Michigan (http://business.udmercy.edu/ink.php) and McFarland & Company, Inc., Publishers, in North Carolina (www.mcfarlandpub.com) are pleased to announce the publication of a new refereed journal entitled North Korean Review (NKR). The purpose of NKR, which will be published three times annually, is to provide both North Americans and Europeans with opportunities for improved understanding of this secretive nation. NKR will be able to address these opportunities in a unique way through the lens of focused research, analysis, and information dissemination. NKR?s inauguration issue will be published in summer 2005. NKR will be the first academic journal in North America or Europe to be focused exclusively on North Korea. 
This international and interdisciplinary journal welcomes policy-oriented articles (less than 7,000 words), short papers, commentaries, and cases (less than 3,500 words) on all aspects of North Korea, including North Korean culture, history, economics, businesses, religion, politics, and international relations. If you would like to submit an article for possible publication in NKR, please submit either two hard copies of your manuscript or? its electronic version as an email attachment in Microsoft Word to the Editor. If the article is accepted by NKR, the author must assign copyright to the publisher. Authors will receive an email confirmation when their articles are received. Editorial decisions will be sent to authors no more than 60 days later. 

Guest Editors and Reviewers

NKR would like to invite guest editors to compile a collection of articles on a single topic about North Korean business and economics. Some examples of topics include North Korea?s famine and humanitarian assistance, open door economic policy, foreign trade and investment, free economic and trade zones, legal system and foreign business cooperation, inter-Korean economic relations, and relationship between nuclear ambitions and foreign economic assistance. A modest amount of financial support by the Institute for North Korea will be available to any guest editor who submits at least three suitable articles on any single topic. Those who are interested in serving as a guest editor should send their topic ideas to the Editor.

NKR would also like to invite ad hoc reviewers to select quality articles for publication. Those interested in reviewing a paper for NKR should advise the Editor by providing their name, area of expertise, and email address. Reviewers will be acknowledged in one yearly issue of NKR and will receive a complimentary copy of the issue of publication. 

The CAMM Prize for Best Paper in NKR

A certificate and a cash award of $1,000 will be presented to the author of the best paper published in NKR during the previous year. In order to avoid conflicts of interest, NKR's editorial board members, employees of the Institute for North Korea, and professors of the University of Detroit Mercy will be ineligible for the award. This award is made possible through the generosity and support of the Christian Association for Medical Mission (CAMM), a non-government organization based in Michigan. 


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