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I'm going to put on my professional hat and encourage Korean Studies
colleagues (at least those at U.S. institutions) to look periodically at the
National Endowment for the Humanities' various grant offerings.  I draw your
attention in particular to our Summer Seminars and Institutes program.
We've received very few applications in past years for topics in Asian
Studies, let alone Korean Studies.  Therefore, I suspect such applications
would be especially welcome.   


Because the application deadline (March 1, 2004) for hosting a 2005 Seminar
or Institute is fast-approaching, anyone who might be interested in this
program should first review our on-line application guidelines, then call or
e-mail me.  I'm always happy to discuss potential projects with colleagues,
read application drafts, or just share ideas.  


You can access the general NEH website at www.neh.gov <http://www.neh.gov/>
and the Seminars and Institute application guidelines at
<http://www.neh.gov/grants/guidelines/seminars.html> .




Robert H. Sayers, Ph.D.

Senior Program Officer

Division of Education Programs

National Endowment for the Humanities

(202) 606-8215

rsayers at neh.gov    


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Dear Burgeson, 

There is a miconception that only academics are eligible. But since students
and profs esp have a hard time receiving funding in the humanities , they
are the primary targets. I have sat in on grant giving sessions for the
Japan side- and there are abundant number of independent scholars and
professionals such as museum staff who have gotten grants. So if you do have
a record of professional service, list of publications and research topic
that is well articulated, you should be eligible. Please apply. Like all
grants, the more you apply, the more you will get better at it. 


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Dear members, 


I would like to remind the Korean studies community 

that there are many grants available for this year. 

There are many listings for both graduate students 

scholarships as well as short term research 

travels, conference proposals, curriculum 

development and to invite speakers to your campus. 


Can I ask why foundations that give grants in the 

field of Korean Studies consider critics to be 

"illegitimate" candidates for grants? I have been a 

professional critic for 13 years and have published 

two books of criticism in Korea (both translated into 

Korean), yet whenever I inquire about grants for 

Korean language-study assistance, I am always told 

"Don't even bother to apply because you're not an 

academic." Ditto for any publishing or research 

assistance. Korea Foundation and many others have 

consistently told me this. I know that various artists 

and adoptees, etc. also receive grants, but critics 

always seem to fall between the cracks. I would like 

to know why 13 years of professional experience as a 

writer and public intellectual, and 6 years in Korea 

(including invitations to guest lecture at Seoul Nat'l 

University, Yonsei and Hanyang), is considered 

illegitimate next to, say, 2 or 3 years for a graduate 


Clearly, it is a short-sighted strategy to view 

critics and other independent scholars this way, 

because their commentary on Korean culture generally 

reaches much wider audiences than academics--thereby 

promoting greater understanding of the culture--and 

deserves to be supported in order to ensure that it is 

more rigorous and informed through opportunities to 

study the language, pursue research and so forth. 

Any thoughts on this institutional bias from the 


--J. Scott Burgeson 



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