[KS] Editing romanised Korean into 'readable' English

kevin kevin at macosx.com
Thu Jan 15 09:36:14 EST 2004

i agree 100000000%!!!!!!! Romanizations may be a necessary evil, but 
one we cling to excessively. It only takes an afternoon to learn to 
read Korean so i have never understood the resistance to this practice. 
It is truly one of the things i HATE most about studying English texts 
on Korea is the agony i have to go through to reverse the romanizations 
so that i can look up the terms in Korean texts. I pray every day that 
Koreanists come to their sense and start including some Korean, not in 
annoying glossaries, bit right there in the text just as you have 
indicated. It is time academics stopped crapping on the readers heads. 
Excessive footnotes have to go to (if it is that important, put it in 
the body of the text), but that is a rant for another day.

Rupert Atkinson for President!!!!!! Common sense will reign again!

-kevin parks--
the university of virginia

On Thursday, January 15, 2004, at 12:46  AM, rupert wrote:
> Would it not be better in essays to have some Korean in there to help 
> clarify matters, or to be easier on the eyes of people who read 
> Korean? For example:
> blah blah blah  Joseonsanjikjangnyeogye(???????) blah blah blah
> After all, we often sometimes Chinese charaters in texts - why not 
> Korean? Or do you like reading those lengthy romanised phrases? What 
> do you scholarly types out there think? Doesn't have to be a solid 
> rule but it could be acceptable, could it not? I have to deal with 
> this stuff everyday ...
> Rupert Atkinson

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