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Scott Goodine scott_goodine at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 15 18:48:39 EST 2004

In my mind these issues are not related to any kind of
disrespect to non-academics. They are both simple
questions of copyright. As a working archivist at a
large Canadian archives who deals with copyright
everyday, I thought I would add my two cents.

In the first case, the Japan Foundation either owns
copyright or is disregarding copyright (not likely).
Whenever we acquire material we always try to get the
donor to transfer copyright, it makes access much
easier. For what it is worth, that is the first
archives I have ever heard of that does not charge for
rights and reproduction. We would charge you $30 per

In the second case, the Korean Film Archives probably
does not own copyright. Film makers are very
protective of copyright and generally will not sign
over copyright. In that case, copyright is likely
owned by the producer of the film (typically whoever
pays for the making of the film). The wishes of the
actor are irrelevant except perhaps as an inidcator of
good-will. Where perhaps the Korean Film Archives
erred is that they should have told you about the
copyright restrictions and then offered to contact (or
given you the contact number of) the copyright holder
to discuss receiving permission to publish.

Actually, I am surprised and pleased that certain
Korean groups are taking copyright agreements
seriously. I wouldn't have thought so.

Just adding my two cents,


> Point taken, but I was referring specifically to the
> Korean context. Someone else mentioned Blakemore but
> that foundation originated from a Japan context as
> well, and in fact I have been treated with far more
> respect by Japanese bodies supporting the arts, etc.
> For instance, when I asked the Japan Foundation for
> stills from Suzuki Seijun films for my magazine,
> they
> simply said, "No problem, what do you need?" and
> provided all I needed for free, and promptly. When I
> approached the Korean Film Archive with a similar
> request for stills from the films of a well-known
> Korean actor I interviewed recently, I was told, "We
> can't help you for copyright reasons" even though
> all
> the films in question are out of print and the actor
> gave his blessings personally to let me use them.
> And
> since when is a gov't body so worried about
> copyright
> fees for film stills when their purported mission is
> preserving and promoting Korean films? This is a
> pattern I have repeatedly encountered in Korea in 6
> years of doing research here: no higher degree=no
> respect. It's just a fact.
>    --Scott Burgeson
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