[KS] Roundtable for Knowledge Cooperation with DPRK

Ian ceds at vcn.bc.ca
Thu Jan 15 19:34:09 EST 2004

Dear Members,  I received this invitation for this forum.  Any of you
interested in the education in DPRK?

Ian Lee
Project Manager - Global Aid Network, Canada
Head of School - Canada Korea Computer Graphic Design Institute

Anyone interested should call Mr. Jung below:


It gives me great pleasure to inform you that the KDI School of Public
Policy & Management is planning to hold the °ƒ2004 Roundtable for knowledge
Cooperation with the DRPK°± in Seoul on February 12th~13th, 2004. I am JUNG
Seung-Ho, a program coordinator of Center for Global Knowledge Cooperation
at the KDI School. I am in charge of coordinating the upcoming forum.

First of all, let me briefly decribe the KDI School. The KDI School of
Public Policy and Management was established to meet the educational needs
for policy-making and management in today°Øs globalizing economy and to
disseminate research outputs by the Korea Development Institute (KDI), Korea
°Øs leading, autonomous policy research institute, with support from the
Korean government. The KDI School of Policy & Management, through our Center
for Knowledge Cooperation, is committed to working with developing and
transitioning economies to contribute in a positive way to their economic
and social development. One of the Center°Øs top priorities is to develop
economic cooperation and exchange programs for DPRK scholars and officials.

As part of such efforts, we are planning the Roundtable to be a meaningful
forum in which universities, institutes, and embassies can come together to
share their experiences and opinions regarding former knowledge cooperation
projects with the Democratic People°Øs Republic of Korea (DPRK). The
Roundtable will enable participants to share and learn from each other°Øs
experiences in academic and educational exchanges with the DPRK, and to
develop future programs to help the DPRK take its first steps to becoming a
full-fledged member of the international community. I would like to invite
you or one representative from your organization to this meeting.

Your quick response will be very helpful for arranging this program.

Sincerely yours,

JUNG Seung-Ho(Mr) KDI School of Public Policy and Management Inter-Korean
Program Coordinator P.O Box 184 Cheonyang, Seoul 130-650 , Korea

TeL:82-2-3299-1214 Fax:82-2-3299-1235 Homepage:http://www.kdischool.ac.kr
<http://www.kdischool.ac.kr/> E-mail:two at kdischool.ac.kr

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