[KS] Introductory reading on Confucianism

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Hello Mr. Pitelka,

   I'm not sure what level your undergrads are but
Michael Kalton's book, "To Become a Sage", is
excellent.  It provides a good introduction to Korean
Neo-Confucianism. It also lays out the broader context
and has a glossary listing key concepts.  In addition,
it fits a student's budget.  It's provided for free
at:  http://faculty.washington.edu/mkalton/
All the best, mike ralston.

--- Morgan Pitelka <mpitelka at oxy.edu> wrote:
> Dear All,
> Can anyone suggest a good introductory reading on
> Confucianism in Korea? I
> know of many excellent readings on certain
> proponents, rulers, periods, and
> movements within Korean Confucianism, but I am
> having trouble finding a good
> text that explains the fundamentals, in a Korean
> context, for undergraduate
> students. 
> Thanks,
> Morgan
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