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Subject:  Volume 9 of BAKS Papers

Date:  25 January 2004

Dear Associates,

I attach below a note of the contents of volume 9 of  BAKS Papers, now available, and of how it may be purchased.



BAKS Papers, volume 9, published 2004


Henrik H. Sørensen:  'Protecting the nation': Korean Buddhism under the rule of

            Park Chung Hee, 1961-79 


Donald N.Clark:  Protestant Christianity and the state: religious organisations as an

            example of civil society in South Korea


Kenneth M. Wells:  The place of religion in North Korean ideology


James A. Foley:  Abductions and divisions: connections between the Japanese

            abductees and Korean divided families


James E. Hoare:  A brush with history: opening the British Embassy Pyongyang, 




BAKS 9 may be purchased from the printers, BBR, who also hold stocks of volumes 1-8.  For details of their service and prices, please view the BBR website at:



 Jim Hoare

jim at jhoare10.fsnet.co.uk
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