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   Many thanks for this message.  I can't read Russian, but is there any way to get someone to xerox the bibliography and send it to me?
   Give my regards to Hongkoo, and I hope you are in good health.
                        Jim Palais
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  Dear colleagues,

  As nobody else sent the word around so far, I consider it my obligation to announce that the long-awaited 3rd volume of <Samguk sagi>'s Russian translation by Prof. Mikhail Pak (Moscow University) and his disciples (contains "Chapchi" and "YOlchOn", kwOn 32-50) has been at last printed. So, Prof. Mikhail Pak's life-long work on the monument (he published the 1st volume in 1959, and the 2nd in 1995) is eventually finished. The volume is amply commented (actually, for all of us, translators, the commentary and not the translation as such was the main challenge), and includes what possibly is the best existing bibliography of <Samguk sagi>-related literature in Russian, Korean, Japanese, and Western languages. For those interested in more details, I also attach an English "summary" written by the editor and co-translator, Prof. Lev R. Kontsevich. I am not sure whether the book is available with any net booksellers, but it is reported to be on sale currently at Moscow's principal academic bookstores.

  With the best wishes,

  V. Tikhonov

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