[KS] Censorship in democratic Korea

Frank Hoffmann hoffmann at fas.harvard.edu
Wed Jul 7 19:49:29 EDT 2004

Dear All:

Interestingly, anyone trying to discuss the truly amazing scale of 
censorship in the United States (in the media, the schools, all the 
institutions) tends to be labeled an outcast, leftist, extremist, 
whatever -- showing how very well this apparatus works. Maybe we 
should not expect Korea with its long period of authoritarian rule 
behind it to be atop of countries like the United States in such 
matters. In Korea at least, I see a healthy and widespread discussion 
about such issues like censorship, something seems at least to be 
moving, people seem to participate, to be engaged -- it doesn't take 
a movie like "Fahrenheit" to get someone to develop a political stand 
at all!

By the way, in Korea you should be able to look at those censored 
Websites using a non-Korean IP -- try Megaproxy: 
(Of course, this is not in any way to weaken Brother Anthony's comment.)

Does anyone know if by now there are actually any Websites hosted 
*in* North Korea? I see that North Korea has 1,096 IPs assigned. 
That's a very small number as compared to the South with its 31 
But I was wondering if any are used for websites.


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