[KS] Censorship in democratic Korea

T.N. Park tnpark at mac.com
Wed Jul 7 23:02:45 EDT 2004

Steven Capener wrote:
> While not directly related to the topic of censorship raised by Brother
> Anthony regarding blocking sites showing the behheading of the Korean citizen,
> it is noteworhty, and worthy of censure, to point out that MBC showed the
> beheading of an American citizen only bothering to blot out the severed head
> as it was held up.

>From Michael Anderson
> I have signed one of the online petitions,
> http://www.petitiononline.com/hole64/petition.html, not as a Yonhap editor of
> course, but out of personal concerns. In addition to stifling free speech, it
> gives the appearance of racism--videos of Nick Berg's murder were widely
> distributed over the Internet here, and even aired on MBC television, while
> the government encouraged blocking of the South Korean national's beheading on
> video. 

There was considerable public outcry against MBC for having shown the Berg
beheading almost in its entirety ...


... and the government's media watchdog came down on them. The perhaps
overboard pre-emptive response to video of Kim Sun-il's was a direct result
of that.


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