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Make sure your password is eight characters long, and it should work (did
for me, didn't when mine was just six)

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  At last, a (the?) real North Korean website! See below.

  Trouble is, I can't register. I fill out the form, but am
  endlessly asked to fill in my password, even when
  I already did so.

  Anyone else have this problem? (Maybe the software
  can smell a capitalist running dog ....)

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  CNN.com - North Korea opens pilot Web portal - Jul 15, 2004

              North Korea opens pilot Web portal
              Friday, July 16, 2004 Posted: 0253 GMT (1053 HKT)

              SEOUL, South Korea (Reuters) -- Reclusive North Korea has been
              testing its first Web portal for the past month, but so far
              have not been able to access the entertainment, shopping and
              e-mail facilities it promises.
              The Naenara ("My Country") site at www.kcckp.net is based in
              Germany, and links to information on North Korean politics,
              and trade, along with its official media and "real time" music
              movies decorate the home page.
              The Web site, available in English and Korean, says it
received more
              than 14,000 visitors on Wednesday. But visitors seeking the
kind of
              content usually expected of commercial Web portals would have
              up empty-handed.
              While the ubiquitous martial music of the world's most
              state emanated from the page, links to e-mail service and
              content were not functioning.
              But visitors who registered could browse the latest news --
              June -- published by the state-run Korean Central News Agency
              (KCNA), a mouthpiece of North Korean leader Kim Jong-il and
              communist government.
              KCNA has been available on the Internet for about five years
on the
              Japan-based site www.kcna.co.jp. Another North Korean site,
              www.uriminzokkiri.com, publishes Pyongyang views from China.
              The new portal provides the North Korean telephone numbers of
              trading companies that offer products ranging from "stylish
              of fine workmanship" to ferrous and nonferrous metals.
              The launch follows the start of online gambling run by the
North two
              years ago and an online shopping mall in the South that sells
              imported from the North.
              Naenara is located on a server based in Germany and was
              at the end of May, domain research service Whois.net says.
              Contact telephone numbers provided for the site's Web master
              based in North Korea, whose leader Kim is believed to be an
avid Web
              surfer himself.

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