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Frank Hoffmann hoffmann at fas.harvard.edu
Mon Jul 19 15:31:35 EDT 2004

CNN "research" -- yes?

-> http://www.whois.sc/kcckp.net

The phone number has a Germany country code (49), not a North Korean.
But yes, the WHOIS registered address Glinka Strasse certainly rings 
a bell ... it's the North Korean Embassy in Germany (was the same 
address while the GDR still existed as well).

The site is hosted by an Holtermann's "Korea Computer Center":
He has an interesting article about him and his company on his site:
(originally published 12/27/2003 in _Der Tagesspiegel_)
... Basically says that he is contracted to develop the North Korean Internet.

QUOTE from above re-published newspaper article:
"The North Korean will be the Indians of tomorrow." Holtermann is a 
heavy man with thin lips. It sounds as if he found oil. And somehow 
that's the case. The first time in his life does the intrepreneur 
Holtermann something with future."
At the periphery of P'yôngyang Holterman found the KCC, Korea 
Computer Center, founded by the son of state leader Kim Jong Il.
The Korean Telecom itself, the monopol there, wants to bring the 
Internet to P'yôngyang -- together with Holtermann.  (...) Necessary 
funding? Holtermann has to raise 700,000 Euros to get the project 
started. (...)  He is doing this now -- "I once was a banker, have 
some contacts."

It's an interesting article, actually -- someone should translate it.

Frank Hoffmann

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