[KS] Conference on comparative unification Concepts and Strategies in Germany and Korea

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Wed Mar 3 04:00:45 EST 2004

Dear colleagues,

on March 10 to 11 Hanns Seidel Stiftung Seoul sponsors a conference by Seoul
National University in cooperation with Free University Berlin on
comparative views on unification, which might interest members of this
mailing list.

Everyone interested is welcome. Please send inquiries to info at hss.or.kr.

Seoul National University-Free University Berlin-Hanns Seidel Foundation
Joint Conference

„The Unification Concepts and Strategies in Germany and Korea:
Reflections and Perspectives“

Date: 10.-11. März (1 ½  Tage)

Hosting Institutions: Unification Forum, SNU; Hanns Seidel Foundation; Free
University Berlin

Organizer: Graduate School of Public Administration (GSPA), SNU

Venue: GSPA Conference Hall, SNU

Sponsor: Hanns Seidel Foundation

March 10:

Opening Ceremony:
Addresses by SNU President,
GSPA Dean,
H.E. Michael Geier, German Ambassador
Dr. Seliger, HSS Representative

14:30- 16:30

1.	Session:  Current Status of  Unification Research in Germany and Korea

Moderation: Prof.Chang Dal-Jung, SNU Unification Forum


Prof. Hubertus  Wilke, FUB, Project Leader „Der SED-Staat“
Prof. Park Tae Kyun, SNU

Prof. Wolfgang Jahnke, Berlin University of Appplied Science
Prof. Lho Kyong-Soo, SNU

16.30-16:45   Coffeee Break


2. Session:  How to establish “SNU-FUB Reunification Database” (SNU-FU
                   Project pursuant to the MOU signed between both
universities’ presidents
                   July  2003)

Moderation: Prof. Park Jong-Kun. SNU


Prof. Kim Byong-Seob( SNU/FUB)

Benjamin Lunau( FUB)


Prof. Yeo Jong-Sung, SNU

Prof. Kim Dong-Uk, SNU

18.00   Dinner  hosted by Chung Un Chan, President SNU

March 11:


3.Session: Comparative Approaches towards North Korea

Moderation: Hwang Soo Ik, School of Social Science, SNU


Miss Susana Miranda, EUCCK
Prof. Chun, In Young, SNU


Prof. Leonid Petrov, Academy of Korean Studies
Director, Park Can Bong, Ministry of Unification

10.30   Coffee Break


4.Session: Comparative Unification Strategies

Moderation: Kim, Yong Duk, SNU.


Prof. Jahnke, Berlin University of Applied Science
(„Experiences in Privatization in East Germany“)

Prof. Lee Dal-gon, SNU (Korean Unification Strategies)


Dr. Joachim Bertele, German Embassy
Professor Ha, Yong Chul(SNU)

12.30  Luncheon hosted by Dean Oh Yeon Cheon, GSPA.


5.Session: How to utilize German experiences in cooperation with North Korea

Moderation: Professor Kim,Dong Keun


Prof. Kim Chin-Kyung, President, Pyongyang  University of Science and
Technology (PUST)
“ Project PUST”

Prof. Park Sung-Jo, SNU/FUB
“Continuity of Technology and Academic Cooperation between
Germany and North Korea: Past Experiences and New Perspectives”


Prof. Kim Shin-Bok, SNU?
Dr. Roland Wein, German Chamber of Korean Commerse and Industry

15.30 Coffee Break


6.Session:  	Panel Discussion on „ how to make blueprints for a successful

Moderator: Professor Chang, Dal-Jung ,SNU


Prof. Wilke
Prof. Jahnke
Prof. Park Sung Jo
Prof. Lee, Dalgon
Prof. Chun In Young

The conference will be held in English.

Dr. Bernhard Seliger
Resident Representative
Hanns Seidel Foundation
Seoul Office
501, Soo Young Bldg.
64-1 Hannam-1-Dong
Republic of Korea
Tel. ++ 82 2 790 5344
Fax. ++ 82 2 790 5346
e-mail: seliger at hss.or.kr
Web-Site: www.hss.or.kr

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