[KS] Announcement of The Korean Literature Translation Fellowship Program

Sanghwan Lee bc95032 at toeic.co.kr
Wed Mar 3 21:11:43 EST 2004

Dear List Members:


The International Communication Foundation (ICF) is a non-profit Seoul-based private foundation, established in 1982. The Korean Literature Translation Fellowship Program is designed to provide prospective translators with financial aid for studying at Korean universities or at their home institutions to develop their translation skills. Applications are invited from candidates whose English is native and who want to specialize in translating Korean literature into English.

 Deadline: September 30, 2004
 Term: One year, renewable
 Grant Amount 
   Korean fellowship: Two million Korean won per month
   Overseas fellowship: A quarterly stipend of US$5,000

Details are available at www.icfkorea.net 
Tel: 82+2 2280-7233  /  Fax: 82+2 2269-4310  
Inquiries: yds at icfkorea.net 
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