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Dear colleagues and <Korea Journal> editorial staff,

I guess that one question that is timely and hadn't been academically 
explored yet (at least, in the English-based scholarship), is the issue of 
various ethnic minorities within Korean society. The issue might include 
both the minorities that might be termed "traditional" (hwagyo, the 
Japanese wives that continued to stay in Korea after 1945, and Amerasian 
children of USA servicemen), and the ones that one can call "new" - that 
came into being after Korea became integrated fully into East Asian/world 
labor migration routes in the 1990s (long-resident chosOnjok, Kosian 
families of mostly South East Asian background, 
Philippine/Russian/Vietnamese brides, etc.). The question had been debated 
several times in some Korean journals of opinion (prominently, in <Tangdae 
Pip'yOng>), but didn't seem to attract too much of academic attention even 
inside Korea (the recent works by sociologist SOl Tonghun and 
anthropologist Yu MyOnggi are pleasant exceptions). The range of possible 
theoretical approaches to the issue seems to be quite wide - from the 
analyses of the degree to which Korean small and middle-size businesses 
rely on migrant labor, to the cultural analyses of how the stereotyped 
image of "poor", "pitiful" foreigner is being constructed and consumed.

Best wishes,

V. Tikhonov (Pak Noja)

At 18:31 02.03.2004 +0900, you wrote:
>Dear list members,
>First of all, thank you for your interest in the Korea Journal.
>      Starting with the winter 2004 issue, the Korea Journal would like to 
> open itself to advice from our community of scholars regarding any 
> particular topic that will appear in future issues of the Journal.
>      As you know, each issue of the Korea Journal consists of two special 
> topics (Each topic has three to four articles within it) and other 
> articles. The selection of special topics--through which the Korea 
> Journal introduces a cutting-edge scholarship and provides momentum for 
> further research--has ordinarily been made after discussions and 
> peer-review at the Korea Journal Editorial Board meeting.
>      Thus, if you have ideas on the topics or important issues that you 
> believe to be fresh and interesting in the realm of Korean Studies, 
> please put forward your opinion along with brief comments about the 
> background or objective of that study. Ideas and suggestions delivered to 
> us will be considered by our editorial board members for acceptance as a 
> topic. Moreover, recommendations for related articles are welcome, as 
> long as they have not previously published, and we look forward to fresh 
> ideas and proposals in the future.
>      This is designed as a part of an effort to listen to the voices of 
> our readers, including numerous experts in Korean Studies, and ultimately 
> realize our desire to make a truly ¡°reader-oriented publication.¡± 
> Listed below are major topics to be addressed in the Korea Journal 2004 
> issues:
>Spring 2004
>- Inequality in Korea
>- Korean Perception of the United States
>Summer 2004
>- The Faces of Koreans
>- Discourse on Environment and Environmental Movement in Korea
>Autumn 2004
>- Hybrid Urbanity: Spatial Embodiment and Place Politics
>Thank you for your attention. For further information, please contact:
>Tel: 82-2-755-6225
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>E-mail: <mailto:kj at unesco.or.kr>kj at unesco.or.kr
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