[KS] 100 Books for translation

Brother Anthony ansonjae at ccs.sogang.ac.kr
Wed Mar 10 04:40:53 EST 2004

I think that many of the subscribers to this list may not be aware of the new initiative to
make many more translations of Korea-related books available worldwide. Since Korea is to be
the Guest of Honour at the 2005 Frankfurt Book Fair, the Publishers' Association of Korea with
the Ministry of Culture have set up a committee to select 100 books to be translated for
display at the Fair. Their list was published a couple of days ago and can be read today
(though not printed) through the little drop-down box on the front page of the KLTI, who will
be administering this. The URL of the KLTI is http://www.ltikorea.net I expect they will soon
have a more easily accessible presentation ready. Applications must be submitted before the end
of March and the screening will be completed two weeks later. Successful translators will have
until the end of 2004 to complete their work. Most of the books on this list are about history,
culture, linguistics, etc, rather than literature, with only a small selection of literary
works included, and many are designated for translation into languages other than English. 

But I am not completely sure that translations of satisfactory quality can be completed in less
than 12 months and I am less than certain about the project's intentions regarding publication.

I thought I should point this out, without any further expression of personal opinion. I have
recently published on the subject of Translation and Publishing in the review Munhak Sasang and
the English text can be read through my home page.

Brother Anthony (An Sonjae)
Sogang University, Seoul

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