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John Holstein jfholstein at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 11 01:45:20 EST 2004

In regards to the amount of time that KLTI is allowing for
translation of entire books, I agree with Brother Anthony when he
questions whether 9 months is sufficient time for a quality
translation. It takes me over 6 months just to translate a short
story, and even then I'm not satisfied. Literature is more difficult
to translate than non-fiction is, but 9 months is nowhere near enough
time for an entire book--unless the translator has nothing else to

--- Brother Anthony <ansonjae at ccs.sogang.ac.kr> wrote:
> I think that many of the subscribers to this list may not be aware
> of the new initiative to
> make many more translations of Korea-related books available
> worldwide. Since Korea is to be
> the Guest of Honour at the 2005 Frankfurt Book Fair, the
> Publishers' Association of Korea with
> the Ministry of Culture have set up a committee to select 100 books
> to be translated for
> display at the Fair. Their list was published a couple of days ago
> and can be read today
> (though not printed) through the little drop-down box on the front
> page of the KLTI, who will
> be administering this. The URL of the KLTI is
> http://www.ltikorea.net I expect they will soon
> have a more easily accessible presentation ready. Applications must
> be submitted before the end
> of March and the screening will be completed two weeks later.
> Successful translators will have
> until the end of 2004 to complete their work. Most of the books on
> this list are about history,
> culture, linguistics, etc, rather than literature, with only a
> small selection of literary
> works included, and many are designated for translation into
> languages other than English. 
> But I am not completely sure that translations of satisfactory
> quality can be completed in less
> than 12 months and I am less than certain about the project's
> intentions regarding publication.
> I thought I should point this out, without any further expression
> of personal opinion. I have
> recently published on the subject of Translation and Publishing in
> the review Munhak Sasang and
> the English text can be read through my home page.
> Brother Anthony (An Sonjae)
> Sogang University, Seoul
> http://www.sogang.ac.kr/~anthony

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