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This is an interesting discussion.
J. Scott Burgeson wrote: "I would argue that if they really did care
about such things, a wider and better selection of
translated Korean literary works would already be
available in bookstores."
You may very well be correct. But I, also speaking only from personal experience, see a larger problem at work. The money is not bad, really. Rather, there are few people able, and even fewer people willing, to dedicate themselves to such projects. Translation, wrongly I would argue, is viewed as non-serious work. As such, academics (at least) must do it on their own time and for very little academic capital. 
Also, for what it's worth, many of the Frankfurt books, although overseen by the KLTI, are not literature, nor are they "Korean," traditionally defined. I am working on a collection of essays on the significance/symbolism of the plum blossom in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean art, religion, literature, etc
John Frankl.

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