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Stephen Epstein Stephen.Epstein at vuw.ac.nz
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>International Korean Studies Conference 2004
>11 and 12 November 2004
>The Park Era: A Reassessment After 25 Years
>2004 marks the 25th year since Park's assassination, and yet his 
>legacy lives on, underlining the position of great importance the 
>Park era holds in South Korea's development as a nation. The 
>Republic of Korea has been guided by five administrations over the 
>past 25 years, but among these it is the Park administration that 
>marks the turning point in Korea's modernization, and South Korea 
>today is in many respects the product of that era. The Park regime 
>was, furthermore, a central player and agent in the political, 
>economic and social conflicts that mark the period and drew much of 
>the world's attention to the peninsula. It is therefore essential to 
>our understanding of South Korea as a modern democracy and economic 
>powerhouse that we reassess this administration.
>We are delighted to announce the details of our forthcoming 
>international conference and we very much look forward to your 
>attendance at this important event.    We have an excellent line-up 
>of speakers to discuss and reflect upon some of the key questions 
>that need to be examined about how Korean culture, psychology, 
>democracy and national infrastructure has come to be what it is 
>For full details and conference registration, please visit our 
>website:  http://www.uow.edu.au/arts/iksc2004/index.html
>It would be appreciated if you would forward this invite on to other 
>interested colleagues who may not be included on our email listings.
>Kind regards,
>June Aspley
>Faculty of Arts Research Development Officer
>University of Wollongong Press Administrative Officer
>and Administrative Officer for the International Korean Studies 
>Conference 2004
>email: june at uow.edu.au
>fax: 61 (02) 42-213179 phone: 61 (02) 42215581
>Wollongong  NSW  2500
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