[KS] Koreans scoring points

Keith Pratt keith.pratt at durham.ac.uk
Wed Sep 8 10:16:33 EDT 2004

Dear List,

Please can anybody answer the two following questions for me. They are
both so factual that I should be able to find the answers for myself, but
(like arguments about the fall of Singapore) whoever I ask seems to come
up with a different answer:
(1)  When was the statue of Yi Sunsin in Sejongro erected, and was there
any suggestion of contemporary anti-Japanese feeling in the accompanying
(2)  I have heard that the first Seoul subway line was
dug/built by a Japanese company, but that when it was officially opened in
1973 (?) the ceremony was arranged for August 15th, Liberation Day, as a
means of saving a bit of Korean face. Is this actually so?

Thanks for any advice,

Keith Pratt

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