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Hi. I’m not sure whether I can ask questions of such nature in this forum but I hope you’ll overlook my ‘rudeness’. I’m an Indian and have majored in Korean and have been awarded the Korean Government Scholarship, 2005 by the National Institute for International Education Development. I’ll be going to Korea to do my Masters after undergoing language training for 6th months.  


I have a few doubts as to what exactly I should do over there in Korea and I was wondering whether of the esteemed members of this forum could help me out. Since you guys are pretty well-versed with the academic situation in Korea, you seem to be the right people to put such questions to. 


Does the academic year in Korea start from March? I mean I know there are two semesters but can students register in the August fall semester (2nd semester?) and then move on to March spring semester (1st sem?)?  


I haven’t really been able to make up my mind as to what I’ll major in over there. But I’m looking at some options and just wanted to know your opinion.  


Now, MBA is one of the options I’m looking at. Will doing an MBA from a Korean University be really useful in terms of job prospects here in India? Or are there chances of finding a job in Korea itself? I’ve heard that SNU (http://cba.snu.ac.kr), KAIST (http://www.kaistgsm.ac.kr/) and Chungang (in that order) have the best MBA courses in Korea. Is this true? 


The second option I’m looking at is the Korean Literature course at SNU (http://plaza.snu.ac.kr/~korean/home/intro.html). Of course I’ll have to major in modern literature
 classical literature not being my cup of tea.




But I’m not really sure whether doing such academically oriented course will actually help me in getting a job. What do you guys think?


The Graduate School of Interpretation and Translation of Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (http://www.gsit.hufs.ac.kr/english/index.asp) has a MA course in interpretation and translation. Is this University (the school i..e.) good and is the course beneficial in terms of career prospects?


I’ve been told that I should limit myself to SNU, Yonsei and Korea Universities since they’re well known and the rest are not that good. What do you think? Is it better to select a reputed university or a useful course even if the university is not that famous? 


Sorry for troubling you with so many questions but you see I’m really confused and since you’ve had the experience of studying in Korea you’re the ideal people to clear my doubts. I do hope you’ll find some time to answer my questions.  I’ll appreciate it if you guys could send any info about interesting courses offered by universities in Korea.


 Sorry for the trouble and thanks. 





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