[KS] Info about courses at Korean universities

Matthew Shapiro karimunjawa at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 30 00:43:34 EDT 2005

I attended Yonsei GSIS, which was a good stepping
stone to my current graduate program, but I was always
interested in the program affiliated with the Korean
Development Institute (KDI), the KDI School of Public
Policy and Management.

If you are truly interested in pursuing an MBA degree
or something relative, KDI's graduate school is
probably your best bet. The "big three" programs, as
T.N. Park (who is a colleague from Yonsei GSIS,
incidentally) mentioned, seem to be focused on the
social sciences (politics, economics, and sociology in
general terms) and the humanities (history), with
little emphasis on business and management.


Matthew Shapiro
Ph.D. Candidate
Program in Political Economy and Public Policy
Department of Economics/School of International
University of Southern California

mattheas at usc.edu
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