[KS] first German/Scot/Norwegian in Korea?

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At 10:03 06-08-05, I wrote:
>Sander Basket comes from Lith, (Near Lobith in Holland)

The name was also written as Sander Boesquet from Lith, and I found 
in the civil records from after 1813 only ONE Boesket or something 
which sounded remotely like it.

Deceased        Antoinette Caroline Agathe Brun
Sex: V
Date of death: 11-04-1833
Age: 51
Place of death: Arnhem
Father  Ezaije Brun
Mother  Johanna Catarina Boesket
Partner Cornelis Adrianis Pannekoek
Further information: baptized in : Essequebo
(Which lies in British Guiana at that time Dutch) Basket is NOT a 
name which occurs in Scotland either. Arnhem is not so far away from 
Lith near Lobith.

As for Antonij Uuldricks, I have done some additional research 
Greetsyl is sometimes referred to as de Griete but never as Grieten 
nor does the name Uuldrick occur there at around that time. However 
the name Antoni Uldriks DOES occur in Norway quite a lot and I found 
with the help of the cartography email list a village called Gryten 
(pronounced in the same way) in Norway:

Gem. in Norge (Norwegen), Amt Romsdal, 3029 Ew.
Ritters Geograph.-Statist. Lexikon, Bd. A-K, 8. Aufl. (1895), Ed. J. 
Penzler, Otto Wiegand, Leipzig, Seite 749

So it would be much more likely that he comes from there. So I am 
curious to know how Vibeke Roeper came to the conclusion that he came 
from Greetsiel and that Sander Basket or Boesket came from Leith Scotland.

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