[KS] first German/Scot/Norwegian in Korea?

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In that case, I would be very interested to know how she got that 
information. Hoetink still writes that Sander Basket comes from Lith, 
(Near Lobith in Holland) Uulderk is indeed a very common name in the 
North of Holland and Germany. Flekkefjord might as well be Flekkeroy, 
see here.

Jacob Jans from Vleekeren [Vleekeren means "Flekkeroy." This is a 
village on the island of Flekkeroy off the coast in Vest Agder, 
Norway (four miles south of Kristiansand)] John O. Evjen, 
Scandinavian immigrants in New York [reprinted Baltimore: 
Genealogical, 1972], pp. 91-101.

Since I am doing a lot of genealogical research in Ost Friesland as 
well, I will try to dig up the birth records of Anthonij Ullderic.

>The nationality of some of Hamel's companions has been a subject of some
>controversy, but supplementing the information given in the Journal with
>VOC documents Vibeke Roeper has found that Jan Jansz came from the
>Flekkefjord in Norway, Anthonij Ulderic from Greetsiel near Emden in
>Germany, and Sander Basket from Leith (near Edinburgh).
>Boudewijn Walraven
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> >In my previous message I forgot to mention that during their
> >negotiations both the Japanese and Koreans referred to Hamel's
> >companions (who included a Scot, a German and a Scandinavian) as
> >their own people.
>It is indeed true that the Japanese referred to Hamel and his
>companions as their own people, since they considered with the
>necessary arrogance Holland as subordinate to Japan however it is not
>proven that there were a Scot, a German and a Scandinavian among
>their companions. It is likely that there were foreigners among the
>crew since there were only about a million people living in the
>Netherlands in the 16th century and in the 200 years of its existence
>the VOC transported about a 2 million people, a lot of foreigners
>were hired to do the dirty work the Dutch didn't want to do. However
>it is hard to discover who were the foreigners and who not as their
>names were more often than not translated (Le Brun became de Bruin
>etc) or written beyond recognition in the land of origin.
>There is a list with the cities the returned sailors came from (only
>16) but Lith is not a Scottish city, maybe Oost A'pen or Oostvoorn
>might be German but I wrote to cities which might be likely the ones
>and they denied that they were meant by that.
>Also in a book with names occurring on Dutch maps and their meaning,
>none of the cities which couldn't be located in Holland and were
>mentioned with regard to Hamel and his companions, are mentioned there.
>Curious to know that the Japanese had hardly any idea how Holland
>looked like but considered it subordinate to Japan.
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