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Felice Luftschein and Nicholas Carter felice at casco.net
Tue Aug 16 13:15:35 EDT 2005

As a first person account I enjoyed the depth of experience related in "The
Three Day Promise, A Korean Soldier's Memoir" By Donald K. Chung, M.D.
Father and Son publishing, Tallahassee FL, 1989, ISBN 0-942407-06-7

It is an apolitical autobiography of the journey of one Korean from the end
of WW2, North Korea, the Korean war, South Korea and on the the U.S.
It has many small details of daily life in postwar (post WW2) North Korea,
and Korean War Era North and South Korea, as well as details of his visit
back to North Korea in the 80's

Not a scholarly work, but I hope it will be useful to you.

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> Dear list members,
> I would like to ask your help in suggesting publications (in whatever
> language) that deal with the daily life experiences, life conditions
> etc. of Koreans (on both sides of the peninsula) during the Pacific War
> and the Korean War. I am under impression that most work that has been
> done focuses on military and political issues, but sincerely hope to be
> proven wrong.
> Katarzyna

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