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Dear Ms. Cwiertka,

You might be interested  in looking at the catalogue of a recent, but 
small, photographic exhibition (still touring in the U.S.) that took 
as its theme just the approach to the Korean War that you indicate. 
The title of exhibit and catalogue (the latter has two relevant and 
worthwhile introductory essays) is Living Through the Forgotten War 
(ISBN 0-972970-4-0-1), it was edited by Patrick Dowdey and was 
published by Wesleyan University Press in 2004.

Jonathan Best

>Dear list members,
>I would like to ask your help in suggesting publications (in whatever
>language) that deal with the daily life experiences, life conditions
>etc. of Koreans (on both sides of the peninsula) during the Pacific War
>and the Korean War. I am under impression that most work that has been
>done focuses on military and political issues, but sincerely hope to be
>proven wrong.
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