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Norman Thorpe cor1882 at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 17 01:26:56 EDT 2005

Dear list members,

I regret that this may not help Dr. Cwiertka, since
she is in Europe, but for anyone in or near Seoul,
there's an excellent exhibition at the War Memorial of
Korea about life during and after the Korean War.

Titled "Ahh! Eomeoni" ("Ahh, Mother"), it focuses on
the human side of how families coped with wartime
disruption and after, from the critical to the
mundane. Of course, much of the burden fell to

The exhibition includes a recreated refugee village,
complete with period political posters and
advertising, and even a typical public toilet. Also
displayed are numerous products from that era, which
anyone who was in Korea in the 60s and 70s will find
very nostalgic. Many, I had forgotten.

For that reason, I also recommend it for anyone
working with modern Korean literature. It evokes the
atmosphere and setting of the period.

Opened in April, this special exhibition will end Aug.
31. Hours: Tues-Sun, 9:30 - 5. Closed Mondays. Info
phone 02-793-1467/87.

The War Memorial of Korea (Jeonjaeng Ginyeomgwan) is
located just down the hill from the Yongsan army base.
Subway lines 4 and 6, Samgakji Station.

Dr. Cwiertka, exhibition catalogs were offered for
sale, but I don't know the cost or how you could
preview them.

Norman Thorpe
Adjunct Faculty
Whitworth College
Spokane, Wash., USA
(Currently in Seoul - 010-2286-6997)

--- Jonathan Best <jbest at wesleyan.edu> wrote:

> Dear Ms. Cwiertka,
> You might be interested  in looking at the catalogue
> of a recent, but 
> small, photographic exhibition (still touring in the
> U.S.) that took 
> as its theme just the approach to the Korean War
> that you indicate. 
> The title of exhibit and catalogue (the latter has
> two relevant and 
> worthwhile introductory essays) is Living Through
> the Forgotten War 
> (ISBN 0-972970-4-0-1), it was edited by Patrick
> Dowdey and was 
> published by Wesleyan University Press in 2004.
> Jonathan Best
> >Dear list members,
> >I would like to ask your help in suggesting
> publications (in whatever
> >language) that deal with the daily life
> experiences, life conditions
> >etc. of Koreans (on both sides of the peninsula)
> during the Pacific War
> >and the Korean War. I am under impression that most
> work that has been
> >done focuses on military and political issues, but
> sincerely hope to be proven wrong.
> >
> >Katarzyna
> >
> >
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