[KS] Pacific War and Korean War

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Dear List members,
Mr. Roger Marshutz recently donated his photographs - more than 1,000 - that 
he took in Pusan and its vicinity from about 1953 to the Peabody museum at 
Harvard. The museum is planning to have a special exhibition around 
February, 2006. Most of images are available on-line. I hope the following 
link works. If not, go to Peabody museum homepage, and search by "Korea."


Sun Joo Kim

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>Dear Ms. Cwiertka:
>I see that Jonathan Best has already suggested the Living Through the 
>Forgotten War, which has some great photographs.
>I would also recommend a Korean publication by Noonbit Publishing Company 
>(2004), called in English "The Indelible Image: The Photographs of the 
>Korean War from National Archives and Records Administration in the United 
>States of America" (Korean: Chiulsu omnun imiji). ISBN: 89-7409-155-0. 
>Edited by Park Do, it is quite extensive, covering many topics in some 248 
>pages of photos. Many of the photographs are of a political and military 
>nature, but still there are many photos that give a good sense of what it 
>was like for civilians to live through the horror. There is an especially 
>moving long section that deals with "massacres" (haksal). I have found this 
>a useful tool for teaching about the war.
>And although it is a work of fiction, I have found that Ahn Junghyo's novel 
>The Silver Stallion: A Novel of Korea captures some of the pathos of the 
>war's impact on civilians. My students have reated well to it, especially 
>since it links up nicely with the post-conflict military prostitution 
>Cappy Hurst
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