[KS] Korean Ghost Stories

David McCann dmccann at fas.harvard.edu
Tue Aug 23 15:55:58 EDT 2005

On 8/23/05 7:42 AM, David McCann wrote:

> There's a truly nasty one about the ghost in the outhouse, in one of 
> Richard Rutt's articles in -- What?-- the RAS / Korea journal.  And 
> there's another every time the bamboo grove whispers!
> DM
> On 8/22/05 6:07 PM, jinakim at u.washington.edu wrote:
>> Dear List Members,
>> I would like your assistance in identifying some Korean (either 
>> classical or modern) "ghost" stories/tales in either Korean or 
>> English.  Any kind of "ghost" stories would be appreciated--whether 
>> of the spirit, kwishin, Tokkebi, human or animal type.  
>> Bibliographical information would be greatly appreciated, if known.
>> Related to the first query, I'm also interested in scholarly works 
>> that deal with emotions related to "fear" provoked by "ghosts" in Korea.
>> Thank you in advance for your assistance,
>> Jina Kim
I checked my copies of the RAS Transactions, but couldn't find it.  It 
was an article on Yi Kyubo, however, by Richard Rutt.  Might have had 
more than one kwishin tale.


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