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As a specilaist in shamanism, I have come across a  large number of books and 
articles on the above, but the following may be of  interest to you.
1. Ch'oe, Un-gwgOn (comp.).  Kwishin Iyagi. 1990. Seoul:  PosOng Ch'ulp'ansa.
(A collection of 147 ghost stories)
2. Yim, SOkchae, Yim Tong-gwOn, Lee PuyOng, et al.  Han'guk-Ui  Tokkaebi.  
Seoul: YOlhwadang.
(A collection of articles on Tokkaebi by Korean folklorists.)
You may also like to read some books on Korean shamanism, which will  give 
you some insights into the Korean people's conception of "ghosts", Tokkaebi  and 
other spirits.  For example, there is a Korean male shaman called Cho  
Charyong (real name: Cho Yongjin), who calls himself Tokkaebi Changgun, his  chief 
tutelary spirit being Tokkaebi.
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