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Dear all,

I've been asked to forward this book notice to the list.  It's very 
nice to now see Samdae available in English.


>From: Chi-Young Kim <ckim01 at wesleyan.edu>
>Subject: Re: Korean Studies Listserv
>Released in March
>Three Generations (Samdae) by Yom Sang-seop, translated by Yu Young-nan
>$30 / Hardcover / ISBN: 0-9749680-0-5
>To buy: Please visit bookstores or online booksellers.
>For Trade Orders: Consortium Book Sales and Distribution / 
>1-800-283-3572 / www.cbsd.com
>"Three Generations chronicles the interior of the old Seoul way of 
>life of the affluent, under siege and about to disappear, just as 
>The Makioka Sisters evokes the vanished bourgeois life of prewar 
>Osaka." -JaHyun Kim Haboush, Columbia University
>"The book is a must for readers interested in the politics of 
>wealth, love, carnality, and gender, played out among the colonized 
>Koreans driven by consumer pleasure, greed, and self-preservation." 
>-Yung-Hee Kim, University of Hawaii at Manoa
>"Three Generations is one of the most important novels from the 
>colonial period, and it is, at last, available in English in a 
>first-rate translation that more than does justice to the original." 
>-Michael D. Shin, Cornell University
>"Yu Young-nan's superb translation of Three Generations brings to an 
>English-speaking readership one of the finest achievements of 
>twentieth-century colonial literature." -Theodore Hughes, Columbia 
>"Three Generations, mellifluously translated by Yu Young-nan, 
>remains relentlessly intimate, insistently exploring emotions and 
>motives with an unsparing eye, an achievement that establishes Yom 
>one of the century's seminal novelists." -Edward A. Gargan
>"Fluid, faithful, and very readable." -Bookforum
>"An enjoyable and fast-moving big read." -Complete Review

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