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Dr. David Prendergast D.Prendergast at sheffield.ac.uk
Sat Feb 26 05:58:27 EST 2005

Dear List Members,

I am pleased to announce the publication of my first book! It is an account of
the end of the life-course and beyond in South Korea, based on ethnographic
fieldwork in North Cholla province. The structure of the book revolves around
an analysis of the roles of the individual and family in the ongoing evolution
of a capitalist Asian society at the start of the twenty first century. It asks
what it means to grow old in modern Korea.

Here are the details:

David Prendergast (2005) From Elder to Ancestor: Old Age, Death and Inheritance
in Modern Korea. Folkestone: Global Oriental.

ISBN 1-901903-43-5


Or distributed through University of Hawaii Press in the USA.


1)	Family and Society in Modern South Korea
2)	Landscapes of Puan
3)	Filial Piety and the Structural Construction of Kin Responsibilities
4)	Residence and Retirement in Theory and Practice
5)	Ties that Bind: Marriage, Gender and the Care of the Elderly
6)	Village Funerals in Puan County: The Creation and Care of Ancestors
7)	Recent Transformations in Korean Mortuary Practices
8)	Inheritance and the Korean Family
9)	Concluding Remarks: Korea’s Looming Ageing Population Crisis

“This book largely speaks for itself. It is a highly readable, professional and
insightful account of the changes in the treatment and provision for an ageing
population in South Korea. The account is particularly fascinating since the
Korean solutions differ markedly from those in other countries, for instance by
making the obligations of children to support their parents a legal duty,
enforceable by the courts, in a way which has not happened in Japan or the West
and is unlikely, I suspect, to happen in China.”
						Professor Alan Macfarlane
						University of Cambridge

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