[KS] KGRW mtg., Jan. 21, 5-7PM

Todd Henry htodd98 at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 13 21:29:50 EST 2005

Could you please post the following message?  Thanks.

Todd Henry
Please excuse the cross-post.  I thought Koreanists in the Kansai region of 
Japan might be interested in the following:

I am happy to announce the next meeting of the Kyoto Graduate Research 
Workshop (KGRW), a group of graduate students in the Kansai region doing 
dissertation research on Japan, primarily in the humanities and social 
sciences. The meeting will take place on Friday, January 21st from 5 to 7PM 
at the Kyoto Stanford Center (For a map with directions, see 
http://www.stanford.jc.or.jp/about/contact.html).  I will present 
"Assimilation from a Distance: The Early Colonial History of Keijo (Seoul) 
Shrine and its Annual Grand Festival (taisai), 1910-25."  I hope to see many 
of you there.


Todd Henry
Workshop co-founder/organizer

UCLA Dept. of History
Kyoto University Institute for Research in Humanities

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