[KS] RE. looking for panelist

Carl Jørgen Saxer cjs at hum.ku.dk
Mon Jan 17 13:48:41 EST 2005

Dear All,

I will be  chairing  the East and Southeast Asia panel  (panel 8) of the
'Developing States in International Politics'  section at  the European
Consortium for Political Research Conference in Budapest 8-11 September
2005. I was wondering if there is anybody out there working on the foreign
policy of North Korea interested in taking part?  There are further details
of  the  section (number 22)  on the ECPR  website at: 
I would  need an abstract (max 250 words), title, and contact info by email
no later than Feb. 25.

All my best

Carl J. Saxer
University of Copenhagen

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